Vita Mojo

Senior UX Researcher

Vita Mojo
Posted on:
June 23, 2022

Location: Central London

Job Type: Full time

Why join us?

If you love food and technology as much as we do, you’ll love life at Vita Mojo. We’re on a mission to revolutionise the hospitality experience for operators and their customers. Through our smart digital products, we’re powering the digital transformation of your favourite pubs, bars and restaurants. And we want a world where everyone gets the meal they’re hoping for. Each and every time.

Our Vita Mojo DNA

We’re proud to have built an award-winning digital platform. Vita Mojo is a positive, energetic and forward-thinking place to work, and when you become a Moji, you’ll be joining a supportive team who’ve always got your back. Our passion for technology and food is matched only by our support for our people.

About the role

Your mission as a Senior UX Researcher is to help Vita Mojo investigate customer problems by leading research sessions, facilitate synthesis workshops to identify impactful opportunities and conduct product tests to refine future concepts. Expanding the design team’s capabilities as the first hire within this area of focus, you’ll have the opportunity and space to evolve your core craft and take on more leadership to set the bar for how research contributes to the success of the product group. An interest or experience with service blueprinting is a plus.

The day-to-day

Reporting to the design team, your day-to-day as a Senior UX Researcher will largely cover the following areas:

  • Recruit, screen and schedule candidates for research sessions, helping us to maintain a research track that runs in parallel with design to provide a continuous source of customer insight
  • Establish our operational research tools so that the product team can quickly engage with different segments of clients, industry experts and service staff to initiate inquiries, questions and upcoming sessions
  • Lead and facilitate a variety of research sessions covering usability of existing products and evaluating the impact of various proposed design prototypes
  • Go beyond our digital products to engage with clients to understand their end-users as well as undertake explorations of larger industry themes
  • Draw from a diverse toolbox of contextual and quantitative research methodologies and testing protocols which can be expertly paired to the type of data, signals and goals we’re looking to investigate
  • Transcribe and make available session data to inspire synthesis of patterns and insights from research sessions through workshop formats
  • Communicate user research findings with cross-functional teams to drive impact

About you

  • Previous Experience - responsibility and autonomy within research at a software business, where the product is critical to the day to day of clients
  • Empathy - you’re always wondering about the why behind what people say and how they behave, even when it’s not your style, you constantly seek and gain insight into other people’s experiences.
  • Problem solving - you’re mostly autonomous and comfortable leading research projects, helping teams to diverge and converge quickly and effectively through a human-centred design process and inferring potential patterns and insights from data.
  • Collaborative - you’re eager to listen and take input from others as to the way things should be and then work with the product team on how best to refine, hone and execute on ideas.
  • Strategic - you’re constantly striving to deeply understand our target clients and know who’s using our products, their jobs, tasks, use cases and goals. You proactively seek new and deeper insights about customers to understand their needs and enable decision making with increased confidence.
  • Leadership & Accountability - you take ownership of your work and are generous with your time and feedback, looking for ways to manage-up by adjusting how you work with stakeholders.
  • Efficiency and Progress - you know and prioritise what’s most important by staying focused on goals rather than tasks. You can be proactive without waiting for direction from others, working autonomously but knowing when to ask for help.
  • Growth Mindset - you consistently seek out opportunities to improve, applying lessons and inspiration from the success of others. You are resilient when faced with setbacks, eager to learn and make new mistakes.

Work perks and benefits

Our approach. We work on a hybrid model which means that once a week teams come into the office for an optional team collaboration day, and the other four days are spent working from home (or hot-desking in the office if that’s your jam!).

💪 We’re proud of the flexibility that we offer our Mojis (check us out on Flexa’s Global Top 100 companies!) and want to promote a positive work/life alignment. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for every Moji and team, and we encourage you to have conversations with your line manager and team to understand your work preferences and team needs.

The aim is to ensure that Mojis are able to maximise their potential, build trust with their teams, establish an effective work/life alignment and also meet the needs of our growing business! 🚀

💻 Your tech kit. We want to supply you with the best hardware to get the job done. We will set you up with your basic kit when you start and anything else you need once you have some time to get your feet on the ground.

🏡 Work from home kit. When you join we’ll work with you to understand your work from home needs, and get you set up to be your most productive while working from home.

🕰️ Your hours. Where possible, you set your own hours to get the work done in line with your team and company needs. If you’re an early riser, come in as early as you like; if you need to do the morning school run, come in a bit later. At the end of the day, the work needs to be done but we also need you to balance that with life.

🌵 Your work environment. Our bright and spacious offices offer lots of natural light, a jungle of plants, and different spaces to relax and focus on what you need to do.

🍑 Food and drink. We stock all the coffee and tea you can drink when in the office and we’re never without snacks!

💳 Your budget. You have a monthly £80 wellbeing and lifestyle allowance available through your own personal wallet. Spend it on anything (within reason!) that will help improve your life.

💗 Your development. We have found that Mojis who thrive at Vita Mojo embrace a growth mindset and are proactive about their development, find ways to contribute and grow in non-linear (and linear!) ways. We offer a £600 L&D budget to support you in that development and to gain the skills, knowledge and relationships you need to soar, whether at Vita Mojo or later on in your development journey.

🧠 Your mental health. Through our partnership with Spill, you can ask a therapist for advice, schedule a one-off therapy session, or use a series of therapy sessions. We also offer Mental Health Days to use in moments when you need to take a day for some additional space to refocus your energies. Personal coaching is available to all Mojis through our partnership with MoreHappi, to help you grow and reach your goals!

🌴 Your holidays. We believe in finding your work life alignment and want you to take advantage of your 25 days of leave, plus public holidays. Your holiday allowance increases after each complete calendar year of service, up to 28 days.

💚 Carer’s Leave. We understand life happens and you may need to take some time to support your loved ones. Whether that be looking after your sick dog, friends or family members. We offer one week (5 days) paid leave to all Mojis.

🐣 Welcoming a child into your life. We have enhanced Parental leave policies! Parental leave is offered to all Mojis after 3 months at the company. Parental leave is the collective term and includes maternity, paternity, adoption leave and surrogacy. Our leave policy is meant to help you navigate through this time as successfully as possible.

We recognise both the primary caregiver (the person who spends most time with the child) and the secondary (typically this is the non-birthing parent). Primary caregivers receive full pay for the first 16 weeks and 50% pay up to week 32. But need more time off? No problem, you can take up to 52 weeks (statutory) with us!

Secondary caregivers receive full pay for the first 4 weeks and an additional 2 weeks after 36 months of continuous service. It's up to you when you start your leave, we are here to support you through the whole process.

🤒 Your health. We offer 10 days of full pay sick leave.

🥳 Your birthday. We love celebrating birthdays, whether through baked goods or gifts, and you also get the day off on (or around) your birthday every year.

🍾 Your social spirit. We love socialising with our fellow Mojis, whether through monthly drinks in the office, quarterly offsite socials (both virtual and in person), celebrating milestones, or anything else that comes up, we enjoy hanging out with each other!

🐶 Dog friendly. We love our furry friends who visit the office! Calling all responsible pet owners to join us! 😊

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