UX Researcher

Posted on:
December 29, 2021

What's the role?

We are looking for a UX Researcher that loves to learn about people's motivations, habits and behaviours. This role will help us to learn as much as possible about the community, the market and build a communication, collaboration and community tool for DAOs.

Sounds good, but WTF is a DAO?

It’s a Decentralized Autonomous Organization – essentially an online community with its own treasury where decisions are made using votes and ownership is spread across contributors. We think they can become a viable alternative to a traditional company…with your help, that is.

If you’re part of a DAO or two already – fantastic. If not, we’ll point you in the right direction and give you all the resources and training you need to get up to speed once you join.

Why build tools for DAOs?

Put simply, the current solution makes us want to repeatedly stab ourselves in the eyes with a fork just to avoid using it. DAOs deserve so much better, and they need it, if they’re going to succeed.

Who are you, anyway?

We’re Closer, a team of three co-founders from Portugal and the UK. If you want to know what we’re like as people, our mums have described us as ‘nice enough.’ High praise, indeed.

Ok, you don’t sound like terrible people, what’s in it for me?

Err, you’ve put us on the spot now, but since you asked:

- Impact: Join us as an early employee and help us build a product and our culture.

- Hot industry: Web3 is only going to get bigger. Trust us.

- Career direction: Focus on shipping or lead a team, it's completely up to you.

- Money (yeah, equity’s great and all, but it doesn’t pay the rent.)

- Equity (if we do super well then it may well pay the rent...and then some!)

- Friendly hours (choose your own within GMT -4 to +4. Great for parents and vampires.)

Who are you looking for?

We’re looking for someone with:

- 2-3+ years of experience in UX Research

- Analysing, organising and transforming collected data into actionable items for the design team

- Preparing workshops and other ideation techniques to keep the team in the learning loop

- Presenting research conclusions - publicly and/or internally

- Planning and conducting interviews with stakeholders

- Planning and executing contextual interviews and usability tests with users

- Working alongside the design and development team hand-in-hand

- Moving and shipping in short chunks at a fast pace

Some added, non-essential extras that would wow us are:

- Experience with low-fi and prototypes

- Previous experience in a startup

- Understanding of the Web3 principles

- Experience working with Figma and Design Systems

- You contribute to DAOs

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