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Posted on:
July 14, 2022

Are you curious by nature? Do you have an interest in human behavior? Do you like big complex problems?

We’re looking for our next rockstar UX Researcher to join our leading, fun and collaborative team.

Still not convinced? We’ve outlined what you can expect in the first year of your new role below.

Your first year working in the UK UX team

Week 1 – Gentle on board

  • Goal: Know who to reach out to for help and how we work as a team
  • Meet the UX team, we are supportive, kind and passionate about what we do.
  • Get your equipment and software setup.
  • Understand how we work, introduction to our design system and UX process.
  • Gain a broad understanding of how our business works.

Month 1 – Understand our users

  • Goal: Understand the LexisNexis business and our users.
  • Start working with the core team you will be supporting, start to attend agile ceremonies to provide assistance to support already defined UX research work.
  • Meet our users and understand their key drivers and their JTBD (Jobs To Be Done).
  • Understand our UX strategy and start to define your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results for the year ahead).

Quarter 1 – Learn by doing!

  • Goal: Own the end-to-end execution of your first LexisNexis research study
  • Work with the team to grow your user research skills by doing!
  • Gather user insight through interviews, surveys and behavioral data analysis.
  • Strengthen relationships and present your findings to decision makers across the business.

Year 1 – New ideas

  • Goal: Start to define your own studies
  • Work with senior members of the UX team, product and technology to identify new research studies.
  • Define measures of success for studies created by you and the team you support.
  • Grow your skillset and excel.
  • Enjoy the work!

Job Description


Customer (or User) Focus

• Familarise yourself with and use customer frameworks (e.g. Jobs To Be Done, behavioral architypes, data analysis).

• Leverage analytics and other insights to better understand customer needs.

• Lead research to explore and understand user needs.

• Make research driven recommendations to improve the overalll user experience.

• Keep up to date on news/incidents and understands what is happening in the market and with competitors.

Creative Problem Solving

• Ask the right questions to explore the problem.

• Work with designers to iterate and test solutions.

• Independently identify different research solutions.

• Consider the problem from a number of angles.

• Collaboratively analyse the results of research to recommend solutions.

Product Design

• Under the guidance of seniors, follows a User-Centred research process.

• Practice and learn research techniques.

• Create research documentation and analysis outputs.

• Runs small-medium research projects.

• Work with UX Designers to define structure and layout of the product.

• Work with Visual Designers to define the visual identity of products.

Data Driven Analysis & Testing

• Regularly test design work with users in partnership with UX Design team.

• Proactively use data to establish key metrics for projects.

• Iterate research methods based on testing and data analysis.

• Explore data from analytics packages, customer insight or other sources to understand context of research work.

Technical Skills

• Use relevant tools for research analysis.

• Understand the nuances of researching in different contexts (remote / in person / unmoderated /moderated).

• Use research software (Qualtics, Lookback, Usertesting.com) to intermediate level.

• Proactively identify needs for training in technical skills.


Personal Capability

• Curious and keen to learn and develop new ideas, skills and knowledge

• Act on feedback to improve him/herself

• Looks for developmental opportunities in day-to-day work

• Invests time and energy in self-development (professional qualifications , relevant reading, networking meetings, etc.)

Solves Problems and Analyzes Issues

• Able to ask effective questions and collect facts from multiple sources in order to solve problems

• Able to effectively identify and analyze problems and propose solutions

• Effectively manage day-to-day issues and problems without intervention


• “Brainstorms“ with others to look for different approaches to current process and tasks

• Looks for opportunities to develop new ideas or thinking within own role

• Experiment with new ideas as part of role

Interpersonal Skills

Communicates Powerfully and Prolifically

• Demonstrate effective conversational skills, including active listening and questioning

• Share information relevant to own role

• Participate in team presentations

Collaboration and Teamwork

• Develop co-operative working relationships within the team

• Consider how own style affects others and tailors interactions accordingly

• Look for ways to develop mutually beneficial relationships across teams

Builds Relationships

• Approachable and friendly

• Ask for opinions of others

• Participate in formal and informal gatherings to meet new people and develop new relationships

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